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Unique designer & illustrator, Dad of the year and Professional coffee drinker.


I'm a self-taught Designer and Illustrator living in a small village in the rolling hills of Hertfordshire. In between my hobbies of flying, painting and Astronomy I work in my office, at home, operating an honest and practical design studio for various kinds of media.


I don't use deceptive sales techniques like... 'by one get one free', 'for a limited time offer', 'cheapest around', '24 hour service' or any other dishonest or deceptive gimmicks aimed at fooling a potential client.


I offer you, my services for the best price I can afford to operate, nothing more or less.

It is honest design not plagiarised content from the web or old discarded/rejected previous designs in part or in whole. So many cheap design companies use these. Everything I design is from scratch.**


Also, any 'original' and honest design takes time. So I will not be offering 5-hour turn around on Logo design or 24hrs for a full website. I fully expect you will require some professional input in your project, and that is what I aim to provide. You can only design something in a few hours if you have not actually done any of the designing at all, so where would it all come from?.


If you want to read on some of the perils and pitfalls of design and learn a little about how to avoid costly copyright infringement then click this link for a little more info.....'What to watch out for when recruiting a designer.'


It is possible to get cost-effective, professional design. You are already in the right place :)




Each type of project, web design, book cover illustration or a web or film intro scene will have its own timescale and process requirements. All of which I will discuss in full with you and is designed to take us both efficiently through your project needs.


 I have an accommodating flexibility regarding revisions on jobs. I have a strong desire to make sure all my customers go away with exactly what they wanted, but I won't offer you the ridiculous promise of 'unlimited revisions' on any project. This is is one of those absurd promises to make a customer think they are getting a lot and used so often in design.


No design company can possibly let a design go on indefinitely. Unfortunately, customers often find that out when after a lot of changes, the designer suddenly starts to lose interest as the job becomes unprofitable.


If I can't supply you with what you are asking for in a reasonable timescale then I'm not doing my job properly. Thankfully, that has never happened. Good communication and a project need not go on forever, and that is good for both customer and designer.


Drop me an email if you have any questions. Advice is always free and with no obligation.



**  In design, certain objects are used from a pre-designed source such as brushes or shapes for the shape tool in Photoshop etc or texture panels or special fonts. Some web site elements such as certain types of galleries can also be used. This is normal in any design and all fonts, brushes, shapes etc I use are from a fully licensed source and I purchase and have full licenses to use these elements so you will have peace of mind in every aspect of your design. Any licenses needed for things like special web gallery software will be provided to you with your site etc.

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Graphics, Booklet Design, Banner, Business Stationary designs: Sharon (Biker Guide)


I have worked with many designers in my career in media and publishing and have found that many are very hard to communicate with, are not flexible and wish to simply do what they see fit, rather than what you want and require. Fred is an unbelievable find. Outstanding work, fantastic to communicate with and goes out of his way to get the job done over and above the requirements and job specifications. He is very knowledgeable about the industry and also about what will and will not work on a design. I cannot recommend highly enough!


Continuing Illustration work: Jim Van Laar (QPP)


This is actually a review of the many projects we have had Fred work on with us. Quality Promos Plus is a provider of custom logo apparel and custom branded products. We outsource our graphic design and have been most pleased with Fred's work and timely delivery of our projects.


Web Site, E-mail Advertising design: Shaun (IAV)


A great job. When asked to provide creative input to get us started, had some great ideas, when we changed our minds about some aspects, was more than happy to adjust to suit and positively contributed to the decision making process. Good advise through the whole process, fuss free and responsive. Dry sense of humour was an added extra.


Posters, Menus and Flyers: Andy Gordon (AIG Pubs)


Very efficient and punctual with great results. Fred creates all our posters for our evening gigs and they always attract interest. Stylish and effective.


Web Site: Karl Cosnett (Vehicle Locksmith)


Mr Powell was both professional in the speed with which he completed the Website but also with changes that I have asked him to carry out. He has always undertaken the task with the utmost expediency and minimum of fuss. His level of commitment is a rare commodity in this day and age and I cannot praise him more that to recommend him to all and sundry.


Animated Christmas E-cards: Suzanne S (Promotions)


Fred was very helpful on this project we were very impressed with the creatives produced and would have no hesitation in recommending.


Flash Animation: Matt B


I was amazed at what Mr Powell produced for me. The brief was to provide an animated header for a limo web site, the result exceeded my expectations, friendly to work with, will do business again. A very high quality of work.


Web Site Design: Jerry Blay (Pub web site & CMS)


Fred created a vibrant site for our pub that is a joy to visit. With the CMS added to our site we are able to update our site at any time which is vital for a pub business. Our menu and special events are changing all the time and we need to be able to make those changes quickly. With Fred's CMS system in place we can do just that and its so simple to use.


Friendly and helpful will be using again and have already recommended his services to other friend.


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